We are data stewards, research scientists, and policy wonks. Our experts possess all of the capabilities needed to produce actionable solutions in one house. Our cumulative approach connects insights from across experiences, resulting in surprising and scalable health innovations.


Thompson, Joe

Joseph W. Thompson, MD, MPH

President & CEO

Danielle Taylor

Danielle Taylor, MSA

Executive Director

Policy Team

Wilson, Craig

Craig Wilson, JD, MPA

Director, Health Policy

Wessel, Jennifer

Jennifer Wessel, JD, MPH

Senior Policy Analyst and Data Privacy Officer

Moua, Pader

Pader Moua, MPH

Policy Analyst

Research Team

Goudie, Tony

Anthony (Tony) Goudie, PhD

Director, Research and Evaluation

Kanna Lewis, PhD

Kanna Lewis, PhD

Health Policy Microsimulation Architect


Jialiang Li, MD, PhD, MPH


Analytics Team

Motley, Michael

Michael Motley, MPH

Director, Analytics

Sanders, Nichole

Nichole Sanders, PhD

Assistant Director of Analytics

Lein, Stephen

Stephen Lein, MPH

Senior Data Analyst

Ping Hu

Ping Hu, MS

Senior Data Analyst

Edward Tawiah

Edward Tawiah, MS

Data Analyst

Data Team

Money, Kenley

Kenley Money, MA, MFA

Director, Information Systems Architecture

Poe, Donald

Donald Poe

Technical Director

Rice, Brady

Brady Rice

Assistant Director of Information Systems Architecture

Sparks, Jason

Jason Sparks

Information Systems Manager

Ingram, Gini

Gini Ingram

Senior Technical Business Analyst

Loggins, Randy

Randy Loggins

Technical Business Analyst

Riley, Trang

Trang Giang, MBA

Technical Business Analyst

Gadde, Mary

Mary Gadde, MSIQ

Business Systems Analyst

Brian Rainey

Brian Rainey

Senior Developer

Clinical Leadership

Kahn, Arlo

Arlo Kahn, MD

Medical Director


Holder, Tim

Tim Holder

Technical Editor

Tharel, Michael

Michael Tharel

Web Manager

Lyon, John

John Lyon

Strategic Communications Manager

Project Management

Hart, Kathy

Kathy Hart, PMP

Senior Project Manager

White, Vanessa

Vanessa White

Project Coordinator

Landers, Laura

Laura Landers

Administrative Coordinator


Hickman, Pam

Pam Hickman

Director, Operations

McNair, Candice

Candice McNair

Procurement Specialist

Lyon, Bridgette

Bridgette Lyon

Executive Assistant

Johanna Parsons

Johanna Parsons

Administrative Coordinator

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