Obesity Prevention/BMI Measurement

May 1, 2017

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Initiative Contact

Michael Motley, MPH
Director, Analytics

Initiative Partners

Arkansas Department of Health

Arkansas Department of Education

As required by Act 1220 of 2003, student Body Mass Index (BMI) measurements are taken by a trained school or student-health professional. The measurement process is conducted privately with results entered into a secure, web-based computer system capable of generating individual, confidential Child Health Reports for parents. All students in even-numbered grades, kindergarten through 10th, are measured unless the parent provides the school with a written refusal, or the child is absent from school. Aggregate data for schools and school districts is used for school improvement planning and related grant applications. The Act also created a Child Health Advisory Committee that develops nutrition and physical activity standards and policy recommendations for the Arkansas Board of Education that address the overall health of students.

Annual reports of state, school district and school weight classification data are available to the public; height and weight measurement and BMI data entry training manuals provide guidance for school personnel; links to Arkansas Department of Education rules regarding BMI measurements, and school nutrition and physical activity standards offer connection to legislative implementation requirements.

To access individual school and district BMI reports, click here.


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