Body Mass Index Program

The statewide analysis of BMI data collected in Arkansas’s public schools includes overall childhood obesity trends in Arkansas including weight classification percentages by school district, school, and grade. In addition to the statewide report, school and district-level aggregate data is available and may be used in the preparation of grant applications and other funding requests to secure support for a variety of interventions.

Data for the most recent school year is included in the school and district level dashboard below. When a district is selected, the combined information is displayed for all of the participating schools in that district. BMI is defined and the formula is displayed in the statewide BMI report linked below.

Arkansas school and district-level BMI reports for 2003-2019 are available here

State Reports - Arkansas Assessment of Childhood and Adolescent Obesity

The following reports include statewide analysis of BMI data collected in public schools including overall childhood obesity trends in Arkansas, and weight classification percentages by gender, grade and ethnicity. Appendices included in the report show overall results by school, school district and by county.

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