Vaping Updates & Insights

An alarming rise in vaping-related illnesses and deaths continues to concern U.S. healthcare providers. Here, ACHI will provide updates and insights on this evolving issue that is impacting our state and our nation.

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Our actions today determine the health of tomorrow. To establish a clear direction toward a healthier future, we convert information into knowledge and insight for everyday decision makers and institutional influencers.

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Surprise Medical Billing

This explainer looks at surprise medical billing and policy proposals to address the ...

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Healthy Active Arkansas

Launched in 2015, the Governor-endorsed Healthy Active Arkansas Initiative was sparke...

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Arkansas Works

In 2013, Arkansas opted to expand healthcare coverage to low-income adults earning be...

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Hospital Price Transparency: Hospital Chargemaster

This infographic depicts factors that figure into the hospital payment system, includ...

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If the Price of Food Grew at the Same Rate as Medical Care

This infographic demonstrates what would happen if the price of apples, eggs, and bre...

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100 Arkansans

An initiative by the Arkansas Center for Health Improvement to illustrate demographic...

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