This Year, Find Safe, Creative Ways to Celebrate Holidays

December 18, 2020


John Lyon
Strategic Communications Manager

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The recent arrival of the first COVID-19 vaccines in Arkansas is perhaps the best gift we could have hoped for this holiday season. However, most of us will not have access to a vaccine until next year, and achieving herd immunity through immunizations will take many months. With the virus that causes COVID-19 spreading at an unprecedented rate in our state, traditional holiday celebrations will need to be modified this year to prevent the current surge from becoming a tidal wave.

Ideally, people who do not live in the same home should not gather in person for the holidays. If they do come together, they should consider gathering outdoors, perhaps around a fire pit, with at least 6 feet of space between people who live in different households.

“I urge Arkansans to find safe and creative ways to celebrate, such as driving through your neighborhood with members of your household to look at holiday decorations and lights or holding virtual get-togethers,” said ACHI President and CEO Dr. Joe Thompson.

Dr. Thompson acknowledged that a virtual party is no one’s idea of a perfect holiday, but he said ACHI is here to help.

“Our team has created two slide shows with holiday-themed trivia questions and answers, one on movies and one on general knowledge, which we encourage families to download and use to liven up virtual celebrations,” he said. “Celebrating safely this year will improve our chances of being here to enjoy more normal celebrations next year.”

Download holiday movie trivia.

Download trivia of general holiday knowledge.

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