ACHI President Urges COVID-19 Precautions During Holidays

November 24, 2021


John Lyon
Strategic Communications Manager

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In recent appearances on several local television news programs, ACHI President and CEO Dr. Joe Thompson urged Arkansans to include COVID-19 precautions in their plans for Thanksgiving and the holiday season.

“As we come together for the holidays, we want to make sure that we’re safeguarding everyone that we can so that they’re around not just for this holiday season, but for many more to come,” he said in an interview with KATV’s Parris Kane.

Thompson said that after a period of decline, COVID-19 cases are once again rising in Arkansas. He discussed the importance of getting vaccinated, the need for fully vaccinated adults to get booster shots, and precautions people should consider taking if they plan to host or attend gatherings with members of more than one household.

“We were here a year ago, and we saw it stair-step up at Thanksgiving and then again at Christmas and at New Year’s,” he said in an interview with 40/29’s Emma Claybrook. “I think we have more people protected now, but not enough people protected so that we don’t have to worry about a similar outbreak again. So that’s why I want to encourage everybody to think through your Thanksgiving plans. Get your family protected.”

See Thompson’s interviews with 40/29, KNWA, and KATV.

The precautions Thompson recommended are summarized here:

More information on the pandemic, including infection and vaccination rates in Arkansas public school districts, is available on our COVID-19 in Arkansas page.

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