Maternal and Infant Health

Race/Ethnicity Alignment of Mothers and Delivering Providers in Northwest Arkansas

May 22, 2024


Elizabeth (Izzy) Montgomery, MPA
Policy Analyst


ACHI Communications

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Addressing Arkansas’s maternal health crisis requires having clear information about each step of the birthing journey. This infographic focuses on one component of that journey by examining the alignment of race and ethnicity between mothers and delivering providers in Northwest Arkansas, along with other demographics of delivering providers in Northwest Arkansas.

Studies have found that alignment of race and ethnicity is associated with improved provider-patient communications in primary care settings and increased preventive healthcare utilization. Striving for cultural competency and team diversity is critical to adequately care for an evolving and diverse patient population.

ACHI analyzed birth records and medical licensure records to look at the percentages of Northwest Arkansas mothers who delivered with providers of the same race or ethnicity in 2022.

Key findings:

  • 93.7% of White mothers and 5.3% of Hispanic mothers delivered with a provider of the same race/ethnicity.
  • No Asian, Black, Pacific Islander or American Indian/Alaska Native mothers delivered with providers of the same race/ethnicity.
  • Of the delivering providers for whom demographic information was available, 35 were male and 38 were female.
  • Of the delivering providers under age 50, nine were male and 30 were female.
  • Of the delivering providers for whom demographic information was available, 89.2% were White, 5.4% were Black, 4.0% were Asian, and 1.4% were Hispanic.

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