Maternal and Infant Health

100 Arkansas Moms: Pre-Pregnancy Risk Factors

July 11, 2024


Elizabeth (Izzy) Montgomery, MPA
Policy Analyst


ACHI Communications

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Arkansas has one of the highest maternal mortality rates in the nation. This infographic, part of our 100 Arkansans initiative, highlights important pre-pregnancy risk factors among new Arkansas moms (defined as women who gave birth two to four months prior to being surveyed). Data for the infographic are from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Pregnancy Risk Assessment Monitoring System.

Key Takeaways

For every 100 new moms in Arkansas in 2021:

  • Sixty-two had a healthcare visit in the 12 months prior to pregnancy.
  • Fourteen had no insurance one month prior to pregnancy.
  • Sixty had a body mass index in the overweight or obese range.
  • Nineteen smoked cigarettes in the three months prior to pregnancy.
  • Thirty-nine took a multivitamin four or more times a week during the month before pregnancy.
  • Forty-nine received a flu shot in the 12 months prior to delivery.
  • Twenty-six reported experiencing depression in the three months prior to pregnancy.
  • Three reported experiencing intimate partner violence during the 12 months prior to pregnancy.

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