Submitting Self-Funded Employer Claims Data to the Arkansas APCD

May 7, 2019


Jennifer Wessel, JD, MPH
Senior Policy Analyst and Data Privacy Officer

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A 2016 court decision established that states cannot require self-funded employers to submit claims data to state all-payer claims databases (APCDs). However, these employers may voluntarily submit data to APCDs.

Self-funded employers could benefit from voluntarily submitting data to the Arkansas APCD. From an employer perspective, APCDs provide an independent source of data capable of providing a holistic view of consumers’ interactions with the healthcare system, including demographic information, cross-payer and provider data, and patterns and cost of care.

For researchers and policymakers using the APCD, data from self-funded employers would alleviate data gaps and provide better representation of the healthcare experiences of a large number of working Arkansans, as well as strengthen the comprehensiveness and robustness of the Arkansas APCD.

If you are an employer or business group that would like to voluntarily submit claims to the Arkansas APCD or have questions regarding the potential benefits for your business, email The APCD team will work with you on the appropriate agreements to support voluntary submission to the Arkansas APCD.

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