Federal Pandemic Recovery Funds Offer Opportunity for Arkansas Communities to Invest in Better Future

May 13, 2021


ACHI Staff

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In an opinion piece for Talk Business and Politics, ACHI Health Policy Director Craig Wilson and President and CEO Dr. Joe Thompson offer suggestions for Arkansas communities on possible uses for federal pandemic recovery funds provided under the American Rescue Plan.

Wilson and Thompson suggest that communities use the money not only to address immediate pandemic-related budget and safety needs but also to invest in a better future.

“The magnitude of the funding and the flexibility permitted under the American Rescue Plan have created an extraordinary opportunity for Arkansas communities to make investments that will have meaningful, long-term impacts on the health and future economic prosperity of communities.” Wilson and Thompson write. “Through careful consideration of environmental factors and reorganization of infrastructure, communities can improve the health and well-being of their citizens and reduce the factors that contribute to health disparities.”

Wilson has also discussed health-related provisions in the American Rescue Plan in a blog post and an interview with Fresh Take Georgia.

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