With Court’s OK, State Proceeds With Medicaid Program Shifting Responsibility of Care for People With Complex Health Needs

March 6, 2019


Craig Wilson, JD, MPA
Director, Health Policy

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At the end of February, a Pulaski County judge declined to halt the implementation of the second phase of Medicaid’s new program that transfers clinical and financial responsibility to care for individuals with complex health needs.

The judge’s decision followed testimony detailing concerns about provider billing and the withdrawal of one of the provider-led entities from the program, requiring the assignment of approximately 7,600 beneficiaries to the other three participating entities. The judge indicated that the case will be kept open for six months in the event that the implementation experiences problems resulting in irreparable harm to beneficiaries.

Our new explainer looks at the Provider-led Arkansas Shared Savings Entities (PASSEs) program.

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