ACHI Launches ‘Wonks at Work’ Podcast

October 28, 2020


John Lyon
Strategic Communications Manager

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ACHI’s contributions to the public conversation on health care entered a new arena this week with the launch of our first-ever podcast, “Wonks at Work.”

Craig Wilson, ACHI’s health policy director and a self-declared wonk, hosts the podcast, which released its first episode Tuesday, Oct. 27.

“On this show, we aim to demystify, boil down, and ‘un-wonk’ complex topics so that you can understand how the healthcare system is working — or not working — for you,” Wilson says in the inaugural episode.

Wilson’s first guest is ACHI President and CEO Dr. Joe Thompson, who discusses COVID-19’s impact on Arkansas, ACHI’s efforts during a public health emergency, and how he finds balance amid the chaos of a pandemic. New episodes will be released twice a month.

We thank the Bobby L. Roberts Library of Arkansas History & Art, which is part of the Central Arkansas Library System, for allowing us to use their recording studio.

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