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100 Arkansans Project: For Every 100 Children Under Age 18

January 1, 2018


Craig Wilson, JD, MPA
Director, Health Policy


An initiative by the Arkansas Center for Health Improvement to illustrate demographic and health statistics information for Arkansas children under age 18.

Key takeaways

For every 100 Children under age 18:

  • 87 report excellent or very good health and 13 report good, fair, or poor health
  • 55 receive free lunch, 8 receive reduced lunch, and 37 do not receive either
  • 25 live in food insecure households and 75 do not
  • 26 use cigarettes, cigars, or smokeless tobacco and 74 do not
  • 34 are obese or overweight and 66 are not
  • 43 have private coverage, 49 have public coverage, 4 have private and public coverage, and 4 are uninsured
  • 75 had preventive dental visits in the past year and 25 did not
  • 67 have appropriate immunizations and 33 do not
  • 6 have asthma, 3 previously had asthma but currently do not, and 91 have never had asthma


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