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100 Arkansans Project: For Every 100 Children Under Age 18

February 21, 2023


Craig Wilson, JD, MPA
Director, Health Policy

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This infographic, part of our 100 Arkansans initiative, illustrates demographic and health statistics for Arkansas children under age 18.

Key takeaways

For every 100 children under age 18:

  • 98 report good, very good, or excellent health and two report fair or poor health.
  • 58 receive free lunch, seven receive reduced-price lunch, and 35 do not receive either.
  • 20 live in food insecure households.
  • 22 currently use a vape product.
  • 37 are obese or overweight.
  • 94 have health coverage.
  • 74 had preventive dental visits in the past year.
  • 71 have appropriate immunizations.
  • 55 diagnosed with a mental or behavioral condition receive treatment or counseling.


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