Arkansas Healthcare Workforce

Staffing, Cost Issues Make for Uncertain Prognosis for Arkansas Health Care Providers

July 20, 2022


ACHI Staff

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Hospitals and clinics in Arkansas face increasingly difficult staffing and cost challenges, ACHI Health Policy Director Craig Wilson writes in his latest column for Talk Business and Politics.

Those challenges include a workforce that has been heavily stressed by the COVID-19 pandemic, increased competition from other states for healthcare workers, ballooning costs, and a payment system that struggles to keep pace with rapidly changing market forces.

The pathway to a solution is not clear, according to Wilson.

“One thing is clear, though.” He writes. “Failing to recognize or ignoring the urgency of this issue could result in hospitals and clinic leaders making tough decisions that are within their control — cutting staff or services — which could lead to diminished access and quality for patients like you.”

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