Medicaid Expansion in Arkansas: A Timeline

March 23, 2021


ACHI staff

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Today (March 23) is the 11th anniversary of the signing of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), the most sweeping overhaul of the American healthcare system since the creation of Medicaid and Medicare in the 1960s. Arkansas was the first Southern state to expand its Medicaid program under the ACA, and the state’s lawmakers are currently considering a revamp of the expansion program under the proposed name Arkansas Health and Opportunity for Me, or ARHOME.

Today we published an updated version of our timeline of Medicaid expansion in Arkansas, adding events such as the halting of the program’s work and community engagement requirement by a judge’s order in March 2019; the Biden administration’s withdrawal of approval for the work and community engagement requirement earlier this month; and the filing this month of legislation to replace the program, now known as Arkansas Works, with ARHOME.