ACHI Policy Director Discusses Changes Coming to Medicaid

May 1, 2023


ACHI Staff


ACHI Communications

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Arkansas’s Medicaid program has returned to pre-pandemic eligibility rules, which means the state will have to determine whether hundreds of thousands of Medicaid enrollees — including enrollees in the Medicaid expansion program known as Arkansas Health and Opportunity for Me, or ARHOME — remain eligible or should be disenrolled. ACHI Health Policy Director Craig Wilson sits down with Roby Brock of Talk Business & Politics to discuss this “massive undertaking” and the importance of ensuring that those who are disenrolled are successfully connected with coverage elsewhere.

Wilson also notes that this is the 10th year of Arkansas’s Medicaid expansion program and talks about the possibility of a Medicaid-themed special legislative session.

For more of Wilson’s thoughts on this topic, see his recent column for Talk Business & Politics.

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