ACHI Health Policy Director Discusses Arkansas’s Rural Health Landscape on Rural Health Leadership Radio Podcast

June 1, 2022


Tim Holder
Technical Editor

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ACHI Health Policy Director Craig Wilson discussed the rural health landscape in Arkansas on the latest episode of the Rural Health Leadership Radio podcast. Wilson spoke with host Dr. Bill Auxier about how interactions between healthcare, law and policy, and public health can have significant impacts on rural health. 

Wilson focused on the impact of Medicaid expansion in rural Arkansas and talked about the importance of a collaborative approach to rural health leadership at a time when rural hospitals are reengaging on issues that they were facing pre-pandemic. 

“If we can’t improve the health of the lives in our most rural parts of the state, then we can’t do it for those in the urban parts either,” Wilson told Dr. Auxier in the episode. 

Rural Health Leadership Radio is a nonprofit founded to provide a forum for rural health leaders to discuss ideas and strategies to impact rural healthcare. 

For more on rural health in Arkansas, visit ACHI’s Rural Health Insights page. 

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