ACHI Employees Gain Software Knowledge at Summit

June 14, 2019


Gini Ingram
Senior Technical Business Analyst

Kathy Hart, PMP
Senior Project Manager

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ACHI supports staff members’ participation in training opportunities for career growth and organizational success; one example of that training is the Atlassian Summit in Las Vegas which the two of us attended in early spring.

Atlassian is the company whose software we use for the All-Payer Claims Database (APCD) Support Desk and our internal project tracking system. At the summit we learned how to get the most out of a number of the company’s products, such as the project tracking software Jira. We also interacted with members of the Atlassian Community ― a network of thousands of Atlassian users around the world who come together online and in person to share answers, support and inspiration. We began conversations at the summit that we hope will continue throughout the year.

We learned ways to make our APCD data intake automation processes better integrated with Atlassian products, in order to provide faster feedback to data submitters regarding submitted files and data quality issues. We also learned ways to make the Support Desk portal more user-friendly, including creating an interactive Frequently Asked Questons (FAQ) feature using Confluence, another Atlassian product.

The FAQ feature will allow us to track questions that come in from our submitting entities and data users and post the questions and answers on a website that all submitters and data users can access and search. We are excited about this project and expect to be able to announce in a few months that the feature is ready.

We also learned about leading project teams in an open and collaborative way, which makes for happier and more productive teams, better processes, and a better end product. We have big plans for implementing the Atlassian Playbook model for our team and striving toward an open project management style.

Here are pictures of awesome things we saw at the summit.

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