A Profile of Craig Wilson, ACHI’s Multi-Talented Health Policy Director

August 11, 2022


ACHI Staff

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ACHI Health Policy Director Craig Wilson’s many talents — which include not only analyzing and developing public health policy but also acting, singing, and dancing — are spotlighted in a profile in the Sunday, Aug. 7, issue of the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette.

Wilson, whose stage work most recently included a lead role in Argenta Community Theater’s production of “Memphis the Musical,” is the subject of the newspaper’s latest “High Profile” feature story.

In the profile, Wilson reflects on a varied career that has included stints as a reporter for The Batesville Daily Guard, a lawyer, and a cruise ship performer.

“As a shy kid, frankly, I never thought I would have the nerve to get up on stage and perform in front of people,” Wilson says. “The anxiousness in getting in front of people eased after the first time. I understood this [character I am playing] is not me, this is somebody else. That is why I enjoy it so much.”

ACHI President and CEO Dr. Joe Thompson tells the newspaper Wilson is “a unique individual. With his legal skills and creative approach to problems, he is an invaluable member of our team here. He has his fingerprints on every piece of major health legislation that has passed in the state in the last several years.”

Wilson is also a skilled interviewer. To hear him putting this talent to use, check out the podcast he hosts for ACHI, Wonks at Work.

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