Maternal and Infant Health

Who Is Delivering Babies in Arkansas?

April 29, 2024


Elizabeth (Izzy) Montgomery, MPA
Policy Analyst


ACHI Communications

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Addressing Arkansas’s maternal health crisis requires having clear information about each step of the birthing journey. This infographic focuses on one component of that journey by providing a comprehensive look at who is delivering babies in Arkansas.

ACHI analyzed birth records and physician licensure records to obtain a profile of delivering providers in the state. The analysis includes privately insured, Medicaid-covered and self-paid deliveries, and it shows how delivering providers in Northwest Arkansas break down by provider type, age, sex, and race and ethnicity.

Key findings:

  • Of the 32,439 deliveries that occurred in Arkansas in 2022, 98.7% were performed by physicians.
  • The remaining 1.3% of deliveries were performed by lay midwives, certified midwives, or other healthcare professionals. The analysis excludes the small number of deliveries performed by non-healthcare professionals.
  • Of the 347 delivering providers in Arkansas in 2022, 88.5% were physicians, 7.2% were lay midwives, 1.7% were certified midwives, and 2.6% were other healthcare professionals.
  • Of the 307 physicians who performed deliveries in Arkansas in 2022, 81.8% were OB-GYNs, 12.7% were family medicine physicians, and 5.5% were physicians with other or unknown specialties.
  • Of the delivering physicians for whom demographic information was available, 146 were male and 130 were female. However, among physicians under age 50, 102 were female and only 53 were male.
  • Of the delivering physicians for whom demographic information was available, 87.7% were White, 5.8% were Black, 4% were Asian, 1.8% were Hispanic, and 0.7% were American Indian/Alaskan Native.

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