HAA Rethink your Drink Toolkit

September 1, 2017


Jennifer Wessel, JD, MPH
Senior Policy Analyst and Data Privacy Officer



Arkansas Medicaid
Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield
The Arkansas State and Public School Employees Health Plan

Healthy Active Arkansas is asking employers, hospitals and health care institutions, state agencies, universities, schools and daycare centers, youth organizations, faith-based institutions, municipalities, counties, and health departments to host Rethink Your Drink educational events and help Arkansans make healthy beverage choices. To assist with these efforts, the Rethink Your Drink Educational Campaign Toolkit provides a Step-by-Step Action Plan, educational activities, events and ideas, plus tools, sample social media and educational messages, handouts and infographics.

It is easy to use the Rethink Your Drink Educational Campaign Toolkit; Educational activities and events are provided for a general audience, worksites, hospitals and care providers, faith-based institutions, local community coalitions, classrooms, and after-school, day camp and faith-based youth programs; Activities include directions, supply lists, promotional and social media message templates, as well as handouts and links to additional resources.