Medicare Advantage: Plan Options and Enrollment Trends in Arkansas

June 6, 2024


Jennifer Wessel, JD, MPH
Senior Policy Analyst and Data Privacy Officer


ACHI Communications

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Medicare Advantage plans offer an alternative to traditional Medicare. These plans provide the essential health services offered by traditional Medicare but may include additional benefits such as dental, vision, and hearing coverage. In Arkansas, Medicare Advantage enrollment has steadily increased, with about 43% of eligible beneficiaries enrolled as of 2023.

While the Medicare Advantage program may offer several benefits, it also introduces complexities that beneficiaries must navigate. Additionally, the impact on healthcare providers, especially in rural areas, and the effectiveness of regulatory oversight have been areas of concern as more residents opt for Medicare Advantage plans. This explainer discusses how Medicare Advantage works, how enrollment is trending in Arkansas, and how much government oversight the program has.

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