ACHI Features

  • Medicaid Eligibility Redetermination Fact Sheet Recent news accounts have documented the challenges of the Medicaid information system and eligibility redetermination processes. This fact sheet provides an overview of the eligibility redetermination process for Health Care Independence Program beneficiaries, including key definitions and process flow diagrams.
  • New Brochure The History of Arkansas's Traditional Medicaid Program (1970-2013) provides a timeline and overview of Medicaid in Arkansas prior to the 2014 implementation of the Health Care Independence Act. A map-folded print version of this brochure is available from ACHI.

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Telephone: (501) 526-2244
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ACHI was envisioned as an organization dedicated to change—change that leads to improved health for all Arkansans. While we have made positive strides in changing Arkansas’s health environment, our work is far from finished.

ACHI’s activities are centered in three Areas of Focus that influence the health of Arkansans—population health policy, access to quality care, and health care system transformation—with supporting infrastructure of health data and research.

Through development of policy positions and statements, the ACHI Health Policy Board helps establish strategic priorities that provide guidance for our work. More information on the Health Policy Board and their policy positions and statements is available here.

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Arkansas Center for Health Improvement
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