Suzanne McCarthy, MS, MPH

Director, Government Relations & Founding Senior Associate


Suzanne McCarthy is a founding senior associate of the Arkansas Center for Health Improvement (ACHI), where she serves as Director of Government Relations. In this position, Ms. McCarthy is a liaison between policymakers and evidence-based information and policy options provided by ACHI and the ACHI Health Policy Board.

In addition, Ms. McCarthy is instrumental in establishing important collaborative relationships with health stakeholders throughout the state. Along with various health care finance initiatives, much of her work over the past ten years has centered on policy to improve health through reduction in the use of tobacco, the initiation of statewide fluoridation, the advancement of childhood vehicular safety initiatives, and the implementation of a safety net benefit program for low income workers known as ARHealthNetworks.

Ms. McCarthy received her bachelor of science in nursing from Downstate Medical Center in New York and her master of science in nursing from Boston University. She received her master of public health as the first graduate of the Fay W. Boozman College of Public Health at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences.